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Permanent Makeup
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Permanent Makeup

Featuring Beauty and Brows Rx 
Permanent Makeup Artist
Amrit Dhaliwal

Amrit introduces her Beauty and BrowsRx; a custom prescription for perfect eyebrows, lipblush and eyeliner to suite your facial features and personality. Your brows, lips and eyes are an extension of your beauty, style and grace. Every woman is unique, and every woman has her own definition of what beauty is. While there is no one universal definition for beauty, there is no denying that feeling beautiful is important to women from all over the globe. Women flock from everywhere to meet Amrit and gain insight on their beauty needs. 

Her signature techniques will not only enhance your beauty but it will provide an instant antiaging effect. Upon spending time with her, women feel special, acknowledged and celebrated. Each woman gets a very personal connection with the fabulous and glamorous Amrit. A woman who cheers on other women to their limitless potential while shaping, sculpting and shading your most powerful expressive features

Read on to learn more about the PMU services offered at Lakeshore!


Offered at Lakeshore Spa

Lakeshore Spa would like to introduce you to our beauty division of Permanent Makeup. Our resident artist is Amrit Dhaliwal from Canada.  She brings 20 years of combined experience in skincare, wellness nutrition and permanent makeup. She is a 10X Certified Pro Master in permanent makeup.

The results of a lip blushing tattoo done by our resident permanent makeup artist, Amrit Dhaliwal.

Lip Blushing

3 hours
One of the best kept secrets for cosmetic tattoos.


It helps to define lips, give a fuller and youthful appearance, correct asymmetrical lips, cover ups scars and correct color discoloration.

Because we use a needle treatment to deposit color to your lips it will produce collagen giving them a boost and a natural fuller look. 

Lasts 1-3 years

The results of a semi-permanent eyebrow cosmetic tattoo application performed by our resident expert permanent makeup artist,

Semi-Permanent Brows

3 hours

Smudge proof, water resistant and perfect 24/7. No more hassles with having to pencil, colour, wax or thread your brows.


Each appointment includes an in depth consultation and mapping a brow design that suits your facial features and personal preference. We choose a custom colour to match your brow hair and proceed to numb the area to create beautiful natural looking brows.

Pain is none or 2/10 for sensitive people.


Lasts 1-3 years depending on your skin type.


Choose any of the following: Microblading, Nanoblading, Powder, Ombre and Combination

The results of a semi-permanent eyeliner application done by our resident permanent makeup artist, Amrit Dhaliwal.


3 hours

Enhance your eyes by depositing pigment in between your lashes and along the lash line.


Lasts 2-3 years depending on skin type


Choose any style: Natural liner, Winged liner or Smokey Eye


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