Spa Facials

Anchor & Unwind Facial

Pure bliss and skin improvement. Drift away during this facial designed to balance the skin functions, refine texture and put you in a state of absolute relaxation using warm steam, high frequency, hot towels and a beautiful facial, neck and décolletage massage. 


Lakeshore Lemongrass Back Treatment

For breakouts on the upper or mid-back, this service is to deep cleanse, extract and help heal up active acne.


Mini Calm Waters Facial - Lots of extractions! Removes congestion & blackheads on the face, especially around the nose. High Frequency aids in drying, healing and clearing very oily/acneic prone skin and a healing mask rebalances the skin. Perfect for our Teens! 


Icon Facials

The Bardot Facial

The ultrasonic skin scrubber gently vibrates impurities and debris from the skin, lifts out blackheads and exfoliates for smooth skin that feels alive. Followed by high frequency and a blend of charcoal and intensive aftercare jelly mask Absolutely refreshing!


The Cleopatra Facial

Oh my Facial! This luxury iconic customized skin treatment starts with lots of warm soothing steam, a deep cleansing, deep exfoliation, an enzyme peel mask, followed by layers of skin perfecting serums and a custom jelly mask to soothe, calm, reduce wrinkles, lift and detoxify or even brighten. Finished up with a beautiful neck and shoulder or scalp massage. This treatment is customized for all skin types including anti-aging, dry, dehydrated, acne, oily, dull and sensitive. Make this treatment part of your beauty ritual An Iconic Facial


The Monroe Facial

Red Carpet ready!

This glamorous facial treats your face to a series of steps for healthy hydrated skin

Derma-planing is the ultimate exfoliation for removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz. The Enzyme Peel brightens, shrinks pores, reduces age spots, discoloration and fine lines. The Diamond Mask injects much needed intense moisture back into the skin. Infused with organic aloe and orange water and layered with Hyaluronic acid serum, this mask seals in hydration, calms, soothes and plumps the skin. Add a Décolletage Peel & Mask $16 

Be Red Carpet Ready!


Skin Treatments

Aqua-Pure Hydradermabrasion

Oh My Facial! This is going to popular. Polishes skin while simultaneously infusing skin with solution to wash out pores and suction our debris and sebum. Soften fine lines while the LED energy rejuvenating device provides stimulation for elasticity, Radio Frequency for firmness, gentle massaging and LED lights for a variety of skin care benefits. This facial is for aging skin, mild acne & oily, dry and dehydrated and even for mild or Stage 1 Rosacea. Not suitable for any one with Epilepsy. Not available for on-line booking. Please call for available dates & times


Radiant Sandbar Treatment (was Facial Peel)

(Glycolic (aging), Salicylic (oily, acne), Glycol-Lactic (aging/age spots). Choose one or our peel formulas used for treatment of fine wrinkles, areas of dryness, uneven pigmentation and acne. Finishes with a cooling gel mask


Silt & Sand Facial Treatment (was Microdermabrasion)

A special technique of mechanical exfoliation to decrease the appearance of fine lines, and the superficial hyperpigmentation and smooth the skin. Can be done on hands or décolletage and be completed on your lunch break. Our treatment includes the face, neck, decollate and includes a mask treatment. Perfect for skin smoothing


Specialty Facials

The Wipe-Out IPL Photo Facial (IPL Photo Facial)

Wipe out sun damage, sunspots, rosacea, broken capillaries and freckles. IPL systems work with light energy to target cells with colour (chromophores) in the skin. The light energy is converted to heat energy, which causes a thermal process to happen to the specific target area and reducing the pigment in the skin. A collagen boost is added to the skin for additional hydration. No active tans please. Treatments are best in a series of 3 or 5 booked 3 to 4  weeks apart. Neck, chest and hands can also be added on and treated for an upgraded cost. 

  • Photo-rejuvenation Reduces appearance of fine lines & uneven pigment

  • Benign epidermal pigmented lesions (sun damage, age spots)

  • Vascular treatments (spider veins, rosacea.)

  • Active Acne / Speeds clearance and minimizes reoccurrence



Massage Therapy (All Therapists)

30 Minutes - $62

60 Minutes - $90

90 Minutes - $125 


Stone Therapy

60 Minutes - $115

90 Minutes - $145

Thai Massage (Sunaree only)

60 Minute Thai Massage - $95

Prenatal Massage (Nina,Tanya, Sasha & Jenn)
30 minute - $62
60 minute - $90

Reflexology (Sunaree & Tanya)
30 Minute Thai Reflexology - $62

60 Minute Thai Reflexology - $90

30 Minute Reflexology (Feet) - $62

60 Minute Reflexology (Hands/Feet) - $90

Cupping Therapy (Sunaree, Whitney & Tanya)

60 Minute - $95

Thai Massage uses no oils or lotions. The client remains clothed during a treatment. There is constant body contact between the Therapist and the Client, but rather than rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled and stretched and includes yoga type poses. Thai massage is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures

Cupping Therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. Its used for many purposes, including helping with pain, inflammationblood flow, relaxation, well-being, and as a style of deep-tissue massage

Reflexology is a style of massage that is used to relieve tension and help one feel better, by using reflex points on the feet, hands, and head that are linked to every part of the body

Sunaree, RMT - 2200 Hours

Jenn, RMT, 2200 Hours

Sasha, RMT, 2200 Hours

Nina, RMT, 2200 Hours

Whitney, RMT - 2200 Hours 

Tanya, RMT - 2200 Hours

Please always check with your insurance provider to ensure coverage prior to booking an appointment. We provide the service however, are unaware of what each individual plans cover and are not responsible for any insurance claims that are denied by your provider. Please note prior to booking: We do not offer massage for clients that may be pregnant in their first trimester and if we aren't made aware at the time of booking, the massage may have to be cancelled or rescheduled. Sunaree does not provide massage for anyone who is pregnant.



Tranquility Pedicure  $68

Performed in a private treatment room

Hot Towels/Cuticle Details/Nail Shape/Exfoliation/Dry Skin Removal/Leg & Foot Massage/Warm Paraffin/Indulgent Scalp Massage/Polish Application

Add Under Eye & Lip Masks $10

Add Hand & Arm Dry Brush & Massage $10

Add Wine/Prosecco $8

Add Anchor & Unwind Facial $99 ($114 on its own)

Not available for on-line booking. Please call for available dates & times

Lakeshore Spa Pedicure  $65

Warm Soak/Cuticle Detail/Nail Shape/Sugar Exfoliation/Dry Skin Removal/Leg & Foot Massage/Hydrating Foot Mask/Warm Paraffin/Polish Application 

Add Gel Polish $10

Classic Pedicure  $48

Warm Soak/Cuticle detail/Nail Shape/Dry Skin Removal/Lotion Application/Fresh Polish

Add Gel Polish $10

Add Warm Paraffin $12

Remove Gel Polish from another spa/nail salon is an additional $10

**Please indicate if you have gel polish that needs to be removed at the time of booking to allow for additional time in the service. Removal from another spa/nail salon is charge of $10

Onyfix Toe Nail Treatment $80

A painless effective treatment for ingrown, involuted or painful toenails, that is placed on the nail to immediately relieve discomfort. Product is worn for up to two months, then replaced. Safe for diabetics. This is not a Pedicure service but a stand alone treatment only. This service can be booked with a pedicure


Lakeshore Spa Manicure  $48

Warm Soak/Cuticle Detail/Nail Shape/Sugar Exfoliation/Relaxing Massage/Warm Paraffin/Polish Application

Remove Gel Polish from another spa/nail salon is an additional $10

Classic Manicure  $38

Warm Soak/Cuticle detail/Nail Shape/Lotion Application/Fresh Polish

Add Gel Polish $10

Add Warm Paraffin $12

Remove Gel Polish from another spa/nail salon is an additional $10

**Please indicate if you have gel polish that needs to be removed at the time of booking to allow for additional time in the service. We do not remove hard gels or acrylics from nail salons or apply gel polish without a manicure service


Waxing is fast and effective at removing the finest hairs. We use both hard and soft wax for our services. Hair must be 1/4" to 1/2" in length to be waxed or sugared. You may trim in advance of your service to that length. You may not be waxed or sugared if you have taken Acutaine in the past 12 months, recently sunburned. Please keep the area clean after wax or sugaring, no hot tubs, no working out or hanky pinky for at least 24-48 hours. Products are available for purchase to help reduce irritation and ingrowns after treatment. Any questions about the service? Please reach out

Bikini/Brazilian Waxing

Bikini Wax $36 - just the thigh gap

Bikini Extended $50 - thigh gap plus a bit more

Brazilian Wax $65 - everything from front to back

Buttocks $27


Facial Waxing

Brow Shape $18

Upper Lip or Chin $15

Side of Face $15

Full Face w/o neck - $40

Full Face w neck (does not include brows) - $42

Brow/Lip/Chin together - $38

Nose Wax $16


Body Waxing

Full arm $34

Half arm $22

Underarm $24

Half Leg Wax - $40

Full Leg Wax $70

Back Wax $42+

Half Back - $25

Half Stomach - $25

On my way to the Lakeshore !!.png

Benefits of Sugaring - 100% all natural product, less painful, less hair breakage which can help prevent ingrown hairs. Hair must be at least 1/4 to 1/2" in length to waxed or sugared

Bikini/Brazilian Sugaring

Bikini $36 - just the thigh gap

Bikini Extended $50 - thigh gap plus a bit more

Brazilian Sugar $65 - everything from front to back

Buttocks $27


Facial Sugaring

Full Face w Neck (does not include brows) - $42

Full Face w/o Neck - $40

Upper Lip or Chin - $15

Side of Face $15

Brow/Lip/Chin together - $38



Body Sugaring

Full Arm - $36

Half Arm - $24

Underarm - $24

Half Leg Sugar - $40 

Full Leg Sugar - $70

Back Sugar - $42+

Half Back - $25

Half Stomach - $25


  • Brows - $18

  • Upper Lip - $15

  • Chin - $15

  • Brow, Lip & Chin - $38

  • Side of Face - $15

  • Full Face Thread w/o neck - $40

  • Full Face Thread w neck - $42

Lash Lifting

Give the natural lashes volume and curl. Lift may last anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Results vary by individual lash type. Add a tint to add darkness and dimension to your lashes

Lash Lift - $65

Add a lash tint - $20

Lash & Brow Tinting

Tinting darkens the natural lashes and brow hairs and lasts a cycle of around 1-2 months. 



Eye Lash Tint: $26

Brow Tint: $21


Amazing Brows

Brow Shape & Brow Tint - $30


Amazing Eyes

Eye Lash tint, Brow Tint and Brow Shape - $50


Ultimate Eyes

Eye Lash Lift, Eye Lash Tint, Brow Shape and Brow Tint - $110 



The Lakeshore Spa now offers cosmetic injectables with Dr. Andrew Jackson by appointment

Our next DATE: To be announced








Vein Therapy (Sclerotherapy)

Dr. Jackson is available by appointment only. Vein Therapy, Sculptra require consultations prior to treatments. All consultations are complimentary




What is Laser/IPL Hair Reduction/Removal?


It is a procedure that uses an intense beam of light to remove unwanted hair from the face or body. The heat from this beam damages the hair follicle to inhibit further hair growth

Laser/IPL Cost vs. Waxing/Sugaring Cost

Did you know that you will spend on average $780 on Brazilian Waxing or Sugaring per year every year. The cost of Brazilian laser/IPL is $675 and you will be hair free in 4-6 months! Our hair removal pricing is reasonable and more affordable that you may think. Book a free consultation with us

Is Laser/IPL Hair Reduction/Removal Affordable?

Laser equipment is expensive to buy, maintain and repair and requires additional training and certification to operate and treat clients. Owning lasers also means additional inspections and protocols that require following. Not just anyone can pick up the machine hand piece and operate it. The additional training prepares the Technician to safely treat and produce successful results. When choosing a Clinic and/or Technician, make sure he or she has a consultation with you prior to treatment, they have up to date equipment, the clinic is clean and the Certification if visible on the wall of the treatment room

Why do I need some many treatments?

We have 3 hair growth cycles and they are happening at any given time on our bodies. The most effective hair growth cycle is anagen or a hair follicle thats still attached to the blood supply at the root but not all hair grows at the same rate. Because your hair grows at different rates all over the body, not all hairs are in the anagen stage when you have your treatment. If all hair grew at the same rate, at the same time, we would only every need on laser treatment. so if it appears that your hair grows back fast, it’s most likely the hair in another stage of hair growth


Is Laser/IPL Hair Reduction/Removal permanent?


No it isn’t. Eventually the dormant hair follicles can heal and produce new hair growth

On average, Laser/IPL Hair Removal treatments offer 80-90% permanent reduction of hair in the treated areas


Most laser/IPL clients see hair reduction after 5-8 sessions and the few select require more. This is determined by your hair growth cycles


Skin tone, hair colour and hair thickness are the three main bodily characteristics that work together to determine what level of permanence Laser Hair Removal is likely to achieve for you so the final result differ from client to client. Your personal traits will determine the regrowth you experience.


Laser/IPL hair removal is the most effective form or hair removal over waxing, tweezing or shaving


Can I have hair reduction/removal done after I've been in the sun?


You cannot have an active tan! Definitely not! Lasers/IPL Light based devices are highly sensitive to colour. The brown pigment in your skin, whether your skin type or from an active tan absorbs the heat from the laser which can cause permanent discolouration, redness or irreversible damage on the skin. Be sure your Technician knows that you’ve had sun exposure so the treatment can be postponed until the tan is no longer active



6 Important things to know about laser/IPL - it would be good to read this

  • Avoid waxing or plucking at least six weeks prior to a treatment. The laser needs a hair to be there in the hair shaft

  • Accutane clients should wait 12 months before a laser treatment. This medication makes the skin photo sensitive

  • You may need multiple treatments to effectively slow the growth down enough. One treatment won’t cut it

  • Avoid sun bed, outdoor or sunless tanning for a minimum of 4-6 weeks before your treatment

  • We cannot treat over top of tattoos, pigmented lesions or permanent make-up

  • No clients are alike in anyway, as with any treatment, the results and treatment quantities vary from one person to the next

  • Consultations are required 24-48 prior to sessions. Consultations are complimentary.

  • Please shave prior to a hair removal service. Any hair remaining could potentially cause blistering

  • Most clients require 5-12 treatments for permanent hair reduction but each person is different and some require more