Aging Gracefully

Raise your hand if you look in the mirror and think you look older. Most of us want to hang onto our youth as long as we can and age as gracefully as possible. Over the decades

When we are in our 20’s our skin is full of life, fresh, the skin is thick and cellular turnover is rapid. The scaffolding in our skin below the surface in the dermis, called collagen and the “snap-back” of our skin, the elastin are abundant. Basically, our skin is invincible.

In our 30’s, the appearance of the aging process starts. Typically we start to see some of the effects of over exposure to the sun as the dermal proteins start to deteriorate, hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. There are also changes in the subcutaneous fat tissue and it starts to thin and you’ll notice these most around the nasal folds. Although, I believe you should adopt a great skin care regime in your twenties, your 30’s is when it becomes essential. This is also the era when your hormones start introducing themselves, like a nosy neighbour.

In your 40’s, because of the change of the facial tissues, you’ll notice more sagging around the neck and jawline. The cellular structure of your epidermis changes and as you age, cellular turnover slows down as much as 20-50% and your epidermis thins at a rate of 6% every 10 years. Your skin is more dehydrated, thinner and and no longer glows like it did in your 20’s as nutrients don't travel as freely as they once did. This is the age of chemical peels, exfoliation processes, either mechanical or manual, laser facials and when you should be introducing antioxidants and age fighting serums into your skin care regime.

Add in environmental, stress, smoking, excessive sun exposure, alcohol (although I would argue a glass of wine a day keeps the wrinkles away) and other triggers like menopause that contribute to this process

Is there hope? Although aging is inevitable, you can be preventative. First, don’t wait until you’re aged to start treating your skin. All the treatments in the world will not give you your 20 year old face again. Start as soon as possible adopting a proper skin care system at home. This doesn’t mean you need 18 steps (unless you want them), it starts with a great cleanser for your skin type, eye cream and moisturizer. You can add corrective serums as you go along. Make sure you are using a good sunscreen from this point on. Protect your skin from over exposure but remember once you have cellular damage, you will always have that cellular damage, so be sun wise!

This is the part where I sound a bit lecturey. One facial every 2 years may make your skin look fresh and plump for about a month but after that it’ll pretty much be the same. Facials are beneficial for proper cleansing to remove all debris and anything that might clog up your pores, exfoliating for removal of the dead skin and encouraging cellular turnover. The increase in sebaceous activity keeps the skin lubricated and helps prevent further moisture loss while the extraction process further removes debris from the face. In short, as skin functions slow down, facials help kick start them again.

So which facial? Here’s what I recommend, be legit and commit. Make the commitment to begin a skin care program. Book a traditional spa facial where all of these steps are covered: cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask, extract and moisturize to get your skin into shape. At that appointment ask your Esthetician for recommendations for products that best suit your skin type and to recommend the next steps facials or treatments depending on your skin concerns. If you have several, pick the one you want corrected first, treat that, then move on from there.

Woman have a tendency to be over aggressive with their treatments the idea being if I do more with my skin in a shorter period of time, then I will have results faster. Wrong! You'll most likely end up exacerbating and issue, causing additional problems or worse, causing hyper pigmentation or scarring which leads into further treatments. Skin correction does not happen over night, it requires patience and diligence. Skin is delicate and its our face, so it isn't worth the risk or wrecking something

Here are some of the facials you can choose from:

Laser Photo Facials

(addresses hyperpigmention on the skin by breaking the pigment into pieces which re-absorb into the body, age spots, freckling, cafe au laits)

Laser Genesis

(skin rejuvenation on a cellular level, highly effective, skin tightening Skin Types 1-111 only)


(mechancial exfoliation of the skin, perfect for fine lines and mild acne scars and chest wrinkles)

Derma planing

(manual exfoliation of the skin. Combine with an Enzyme Peel for a glow)

Glycolic Peels

(aging and mild acneac skin)

Salicylic Peels

(acne or oily skin)

Glycol Lactic

(aging/hyper pigmentation)

Traditional or Spa Facial (all skin types, covers all of the steps of a facial for soft, fresh skin)

High Frequency

(clears bacteria on the skin, dries up pimples. Great for Teen facials or back acne. several services are needed)

Need more help deciding? Consultations are always free. See you soon for an amazing facial!


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