Do you need to lighten up?

You might read this caption and scratch your head. Why would I need to lighten up? In this world of never ending youth and perpetual beauty, intimate bleaching is now rising up as one of the new "it" services spending countless dollars to be hair free down there so who doesn't want fresh youthful pink skin. Now before you say "ewww" or "gross" or "why on earth would anyone do this", think about this. Hyper pigmentation in intimate areas is a real thing and it creates embarrassment and self consciousness mostly among women. Having dark skin in your underarms makes you want to keep your arms down or not wear a tank top, darkened thighs mean you may never wear a bikini again or imagine a dark shadow on your upper lip that you cover up every time someone glances over at you . So there is no "ewww" in these services, just a real live quest from a person who wants to look and feel good about their body and there is zero shame in that.

There are some bleaching creams or solutions on the market full of harsh skin irritating chemicals but demands for beauty products are trending away from the synthetic chemicals in favour of more natural and gentle products with the understanding that they make not work as quickly but still provide effective but safer results. Steer clear of products containing kojic acid or hydroquinone as they have been known to cause sensitivity over time.

The products in the South Beach Skin Solutions line contains natural ingredients and extracts for gentleness but are successful at achieving the desired results of skin lightening that customers want and can be done immediately post wax or sugaring service.

So Blog story, short. Yes, anal bleaching is a thing and yes, woman and men are doing it. And yes, you are curious too and it will continue to grow in popularity. Bye bye embarrassment as we can treat you safely to lighter skin

Here are some of the areas that can be lightened:

  • inner thighs

  • bikini line

  • labia

  • anal area

  • underarms

  • upper lip

  • nipples

  • belly

  • areas of the face

  • darkening caused by acne scars or surgery scars

Services available:

  • Bikini Line area $80

  • Underarm area $60

  • Anal area $50

Products available:

  • Skin Lightening Gel (80-100 applications, depending on the area treated)

  • Skin Lightening 3 Pack (Accelerating, exfoliating wash, intimate gel, cooling hydrating lotion)

  • Skin Lightening Roll On for Underarms (contains lightening gel and insta-brite for instant underarm lightening)

  • Skin Lightening for Lips & Nipples (applied like a lip balm for a pink glow)

  • Skin Solutions Post Wax/Sugar Ingrown Pads (pre-soaked, contains no alcohol, contains salicylic acid to red bumps, ingrowns and razor burn)

Even more curious now? Send me an email or a message if you have more questions. Please don't be shy, I'm here to help. Enjoy your day and happy bleaching!

- Jody

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