Cleanliness is next to...

What is the number one reason a person returns to a Spa. Back in 2011 when I started my business planning for The Lakeshore, it was 'cleanliness'. Customers were more aware of clean surroundings, sterilized tools and spa or nail salons that weren't full of dust and clutter and began demanding more of their beauty salons. And so they should, cleanliness is next to Godliness, especially when it comes to personal services. Clients deserve to have their services done in a clean place with clean tools. Cutting corners to cram customers through just isn't acceptable. Awareness of bacteria transfer and potential for spreading harmful organisms would make any spa goer wrinkle his or her nose while peppering spa technicians with questions of sanitation and sterilization practices before considering booking any service.

But we don't mind, fire those questions at us. Proudly we've passed all our annual inspections and haven't deviated from our cleaning practices in the 5 and half years we've been open. Last year we introduced stainless steel pedi bowl liners as another layer of protection for our clients. We also wear gloves during facial treatments, again, protecting clients from anything our hard working hands may have come in contact with.

Here are our steps:

1) If it's disposable, it gets tossed

2) We have a separate sink called the "dirty sink" that we use to wash tools

3) Remove the debris with soap and water

4) Place the tool in a Chemosterilant and High Level Disinfectant soak (sporicidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal) for a minimum of 20 minutes

5) After the soak, sani-pouch the implements before they head back out to the spa area

6) Surfaces are cleaned after each client and equipment is also wiped down

Presenting a clean spa space for customers to relax and enjoy is a high priority for us and we are confident our clients agree!

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