A Mess with Stress

How many of you have caught yourself staring at the little spinning blue wheel on your computer waiting desperately for your computer to wake up and connect? It's almost hypnotizing. I believe that little wheel is the story of my life all summed up in a teasing and taunting spinning circle and I can almost see it laughing as I stare and stare and wait..."you're not going to get anything done today, I'll make sure of it"...

Although I feel like I'm alone, I'm sure I am not. Technology isn't my friend and I spend more time fighting with it than it offers to help. How many times have you heard this, technology was supposed to free up time for us but instead it opens up channels of increased work, increased stress and frustration. It affects your sleep, your eating and of course your time.

Listen, I understand the frustration, I really do. When I finally have a minute to relax, I really want to relax, shut my brain off for a few minutes and truly be present in this restful period. If your life is that stressful, it really is time to do something different. Stress can manifest in strange ways in your body and on your skin by triggering acne breakouts, aging, rosacea, eczema or other unwanted rashes. Lets not forget high blood pressure, heart disease or even diabetes that can occur for those who live high stress lives.

Obviously big changes, like a new job need time and proper preparation and shouldn't be done rashly or without thought but some little minor changes can be beneficial...

  • First, stop starting the stupid blue wheel.

  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Deep breathing can help calm you down.

  • Do something that makes your heart happy. I love watching a Netflix series with my husband while enjoy a glass of really good red wine.

  • Going for a walk always helps.

  • And yes, a massage or a relaxing facial forces you to be still for 60 minutes.

  • Call up a friend and go out somewhere new for dinner.

  • Next time you pass the flower tower at Costco...stop and smell all of the flowers. Trust me!

  • If you're in the mall, never pass by a chocolate shop without purchasing a small piece of something, take a moment and savour it. My favourite was chocolate covered orange peel.

  • Put your earphones on and listen to some peaceful music. I love violin music.

  • Why not try a Yoga class? There has got to be one in your community.

  • Meditating does work but it does take practice to clear your mind of it's clutter...so don't give up.

  • In our City, we have the "RAGE Room" where you literally go and smash stuff. The number 1 rule is you can't smash your friends.

  • How about axe throwing?

  • Go and have lie down and just lay quietly, no TV, phones are what not.

  • Do something fun! Maybe a cooking class and then host a dinner party

Hopefully some of these ideas are helpful. So take control and know when it's time to shut that computer, phone or tablet off. And on a serious note, if there is more than just stress going on and you need some help...please reach out and ask for it!

- Jody

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