There's a Brazilian Reasons to Get Waxed!

Waxing or Sugaring is a form of semi-permanent hair removal that removes hair from the root resulting in smooth hair free skin for 3-5 weeks. A Bikini Wax is a service that removes the hair along the thigh gap only, while an Extended Bikini Line is designed to remove more of the hair beyond the thigh gap about midday into the bikini area and then...

The Brazilian! It's been called many things, the California, the French, the Hardwood Floor, or the Hollywood, but here...we call it The Brazilian. This is a very popular service in which all of the hair is removed from the vaginal area, and we mean ALL of it.

The number one reason women are having it done is for grooming or hygienic reasons while some women also say it enhances their sex life. What ever your reason is...choose waxing over shaving. Those who have done it are all nodding in unison right now. Shaving requires daily maintenance and it can be itchy and uncomfortable when it grows back. Best option is to have a wax and enjoy hair free for 3-5 weeks.

The average women shaves 7,718 times in her lifetime

Few things to keep in mind before booking your wax or sugar:

  • Best hair growth length is 1/2 inch or longer

  • Absolutely no sex, excessive sweating, hot tubs or gyms for a minimum of 24 hours post wax, so make sure you schedule life accordingly

  • Avoid Blood thinners like Aspirin or Advil

  • Use an SPF after a wax (obviously not after a Brazilian unless you're headed for the nude beach)

Wax vs. Sugar - Sugar is a natural product using only 3 ingredients. The sugar forms a paste or ball and is used to remove hair at the root with the hair growth, opposite of waxing which is removed against the hair growth. Some people are Sugarholics and won't even glance at a wax pot again. Is one better than the other? I believe it comes down to personal preference. I like wax because its fast! In and out. I find Sugaring takes longer and pulls on the skin more than waxing. Sugar also doesn't excite the skin as much as waxing and you can have less red bumps after a sugar than a wax. I suggest you try both and then decide.

The Disastrous Double Dip...this is a waxing no-no! As the waxing industry has advanced on techniques and quality of waxes, so has the health standards associated with it. Here are a couple things to watch for when getting a wax. Hands are exposed to blood, body fluids, urine and feces during the day. Think about what you touch in a day and who before you may have touched the same spot and so on and so on...and where have their hands been and what have they touched.

So in our industry, gloves are a must! So is hand sanitizer and a good old fashioned proper washing of the hands. Make sure your Esty is wearing gloves before she waxes you. Next, the double dip. One stick, one dip! Our garbages should be filled with broken wax sticks and gloves at the end of the day. Wax cannot be heated to the proper temperature to kill bacteria if we did heat it that high, we'd be removing more than just your hair. Cleanliness is essential in our industry. Not only does it keep us safe, it keeps you safe as well.

Despite the talk, hair does not grow back thicker after a wax or sugar, in fact, you'll find the hairs are finer when they grow back. Changes in hormones can cause the hair structures to change

Does Waxing hurts, well, yes it does, however, most people report that they lived through a Brazilian wax and would most likely get it done again and that the first time is typically the worst

Skin in the bikini area can darken over time with constant friction, shaving and using wax that's too hot. Fortunately this area, including the underarm area, can be treated with intimate bleaches such as South Beach Gel for Sensitive Areas. This natural product used liquorice root for natural lightening and doesn't cause sensitivity in the area over time like some acid products.

In conclusion, find a Esty that you connect with, one that listens, and makes the service as comfortable as possible. Do not visit a salon or spa that isn't clean, isn't informed or doesn't wear gloves. It's for your safety.

Happy Waxing!

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