Restful Sleep and Reflexology

Have trouble sleeping at night? If your among the many sufferers of lack of sleep, not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep, and you've tried all the 'tricks' then try Reflexology.

There are nearly 15,000 nerves in your feet alone, one of many reasons that foot reflexology may feel so relaxing and make us sleepy. It is estimated that 80% of the body’s serotonin levels can be found in the gut, and reflexology in particular is often used to treat digestive disorders, mental stress, breathing and circulation problems. Massage, through the use of various techniques, like Reflexology, and focusing on the reflex points is able to re-align the body’s circadian rhythm, resulting in more restful sleep.

Sleep disorders can be caused by many things, stress, digestive issues, circulation problems, etc. Reflexology massage stimulates the endocrine system or system that controls your hormones, sleep, mood and metabolism which aids in better hormone function and can help with sleep.

How often should you get this treatment done? Always listen to the recommendation of your Therapist and make a plan that works with your time, treatment and of course, budget. You could start weekly for a time and then start reducing treatments as the symptoms subside.

During a slow day at the Spa, I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a 60 minute Reflexology treatment from one of the Therapists here. It felt amazing to have someone rub my feet for so long and I actually almost fell asleep in the chair. During the treatment she would linger on certain spots focusing on releasing whatever was hiding in there. The treatment wasn't painful except for the occasional twinge when she located some congestion beneath the skin.

Being one of those who struggle to stay asleep, that night after my treatment not only did I sleep all night long but slept soundly, an action that has eluded me for the past few years.

So whether you believe in the power of Reflexology or just find the relaxation component of it enough to relax you into a good night's rest, Reflexology may just be my new go to service to reset my brain and get some well needed rest.

Happy resting!

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