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"Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been"...Mark Twain

Cosmetic Injectables

The Lakeshore Spa now offers cosmetic injectables with Dr. Andrew Jackson

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Vein Therapy (Sclerotherapy)

Dr. Jackson is available by appointment only. Vein Therapy, Sculptra require consultations prior to treatments. All consultations are complimentary

Dr. Jackson is in Monday November 16th, 2020

Permanent Hair Reduction


What is Laser/IPL Hair Reduction/Removal?


It is a procedure that uses an intense beam of light to remove unwanted hair from the face or body. The heat from this beam damages the hair follicle to inhibit further hair growth

Laser/IPL Cost vs. Waxing/Sugaring Cost

Did you know that you will spend on average $780 on Brazilian Waxing or Sugaring per year every year. The cost of Brazilian laser/IPL is $675 and you will be hair free in 4-6 months!

Is Laser/IPL Hair Reduction/Removal Affordable?

Laser equipment is expensive to buy, maintain and repair and requires additional training and certification to operate and treat clients. Owning lasers also means additional inspections and protocols that require following. Not just anyone can pick up the machine hand piece and operate it. The additional training prepares the Technician to safely treat and produce successful results. When choosing a Clinic and/or Technician, make sure he or she has a consultation with you prior to treatment, they have up to date equipment, the clinic is clean and the Certification if visible on the wall of the treatment room

Why do I need some many treatments?

We have 3 hair growth cycles and they are happening at any given time on our bodies. The most effective hair growth cycle is anagen or a hair follicle thats still attached to the blood supply at the root but not all hair grows at the same rate. Because your hair grows at different rates all over the body, not all hairs are in the anagen stage when you have your treatment. If all hair grew at the same rate, at the same time, we would only every need on laser treatment. so if it appears that your hair grows back fast, it’s most likely the hair in another stage of hair growth


Is Laser/IPL Hair Reduction/Removal permanent?


No it isn’t. Eventually the dormant hair follicles can heal and produce new hair growth

On average, Laser/IPL Hair Removal treatments offer 80-90% permanent reduction of hair in the treated areas


Most laser/IPL clients see hair reduction after 5-8 sessions and the few select require more. This is determined by your hair growth cycles


Skin tone, hair colour and hair thickness are the three main bodily characteristics that work together to determine what level of permanence Laser Hair Removal is likely to achieve for you so the final result differ from client to client. Your personal traits will determine the regrowth you experience.


Laser/IPL hair removal is the most effective form or hair removal over waxing, tweezing or shaving


Can I have hair reduction/removal done after I've been in the sun?


You cannot have an active tan! Definitely not! Lasers/IPL Light based devices are highly sensitive to colour. The brown pigment in your skin, whether your skin type or from an active tan absorbs the heat from the laser which can cause permanent discolouration, redness or irreversible damage on the skin. Be sure your Technician knows that you’ve had sun exposure so the treatment can be postponed until the tan is no longer active



6 Important things to know about laser - it would be good to read this

  • Avoid waxing or plucking at least six weeks prior to a treatment. The laser needs a hair to be there in the hair shaft

  • Accutane clients should wait 12 months before a laser treatment. This medication makes the skin photo sensitive

  • You may need multiple treatments to effectively slow the growth down enough. One treatment won’t cut it

  • Avoid sun bed, outdoor or sunless tanning for a minimum of 4-6 weeks before your laser treatment

  • We cannot treat over top of tattoos, pigmented lesions or permanent make-up

  • No clients are alike in anyway, as with any treatment, the results and treatment quantities vary from one person to the next

  • Consultations are required 24-48 prior to sessions. Consultations are complimentary.

  • Please shave prior to a hair removal service. Any hair remaining could potentially cause blistering

  • Most clients require 5-8 treatments for permanent hair reduction but each person is different and some require more



  • Photo-rejuvenation Reduces appearance of fine lines & uneven pigment

  • Benign epidermal pigmented lesions (sun damage, age spots)

  • Vascular treatments (spider veins, rosacea.)

  • Active Acne / Speeds clearance and minimizes reoccurrence

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) provides the skin with a wave of light that once becomes absorbed by the pigment, is converted into heat, which clears the hair and destroys the cells responsible for production of new hair. The Intense Pulse Light can handle all types of hair, even the very pale hairs that are usually difficult to remove.

Treatments with the IPL

  • Hair Reduction

  • Photo rejuvenation

  • Skin Rejuvenation

  • Pigmentation

  • Acne Facials

  • Rosacea / Rosacea

  • Vascular/Spider Vessels/Redness

  • Skin Tightening

"Beautiful skin is in..."

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Here's the "SKINNY" the Freeze.  The Venus Freeze has been proven to work and is FDA approved. It does, not, however, replace a tummy tuck or can it be used as a method for weight loss.


The best candidate is of average weight with some extra fat or loose skin that needs to be tightened any where on the body. This service is best accompanied by an on going proper eating plan and regular exercise.


Visual results may not be seen during the course of treatments but may appear up to 2-3 months after. Collagen remodelling takes time happen.

  • Contour and tighten your abdomen for a flatter and more defined waistline

  • Tighten and firm loose skin under the neck

  • Lift and tighten around the jaw line

  • Reduce bulk under the chin

  • Lift around the jaw line and eyes

  • Non-invasive treatment

  • Treatments are SAFE

  • Experience your treatment in COMFORT

  • Perfect for those with a bit of extra loose skin

  • Works on MEN as well

With any medical and aesthetic treatment, some patients have better outcomes than others.

In the case of these treatments, the treatments work with your individual metabolism and how quickly and efficiently your cells regenerate. Simply put, your metabolism is what will create a more dramatic result or not. We cannot guarantee individual results for this reason, every body is different

Patient factors that will affect overall result include:

  • Age

  • General health

  • Diet

  • Genetics

  • Whether the client is a smoker or heavy drinker

Patients can optimize the speed and outcome of their treatments by :

  • Eating well

  • Sleeping well

  • Moving well

  • Strictly adhering to the treatment protocol

  • Maintaining their current weight (weight loss is fine)

Venus Freeze treatments are non-invasive and painless, with many patients comparing the treatment to a hot-stone massage! 


Treatments take approximately 30-40 mins depending on the area, you can expect to see results as the treatments progress, a minimum of 6 treatments for the face, 8 on the neck and 10 on the body.

"Although I had my reservations about trying the 

Venus Freeze. I recently had a treatment on my neck. 

Not only was it comfortable and relaxing, but that 

relaxed feeling continued throughout the evening 

and I had a wonderful nights sleep. Now a few weeks 

have passed, and I have noticed a tightening in the skin on my neck. I highly recommend the Venus Freeze!" 


- Michelle

Using patented (MP)² technology, Venus Freeze utilizes multi-polar radio frequency and Pulsed Magnetic fields which produce a soothing and therapeutic heat matrix over the skin. Skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and some cellulite reduction occur because the multi-polar radio frequency causes a thermal reaction in the tissue which stimulates the body’s natural healing response. This restoring response causes new collagen to form and the production of new elastin fibres.  The active collage in the skin contracts, achieving tighter skin, softening of wrinkles and reduced cellulite.

Eurowave - Microcurrent

For an 18 minute session you are guaranteed to lose 1 to 3 inches your first visit with the muscle toning and tightening treatment.

The Eurowave utilizes a pulsating Faradic wave, to work out the targeted muscle group, producing a measurable difference after ONE session. This inch loss can be achieved any place the client chooses usually tummies, bums & thighs. The 18-minute session is completely effortless, and is equivalent to 200 sit-ups, without any muscle soreness the next day. Sessions are $75 each, Package of 10 is $695


Single Session (results last 5 days)

10 Sessions (results last 6-8 months)


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